Like everyone trying a new thing, you have questions, we want to answer them and make you as comfortable as possible. So we asked our current customers, friends, and instructors, “What questions would you have if you wanted to join an outdoor workout group?”


Here are few of them:

Q. What days of the week do we meet and what time does class start and end ?

A. We work out 4 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Class starts at 6:00 am runs for 45 minutes and ends promptly at 6:45, you are expected to be warmed up on your own and ready to start promptly at 6 am. You’re welcome to stay for a cool down after class ends at 6:45 if you like but it’s not required.

Q. Can I pay for just one class?

A. Unfortunately, right now we don’t have just one class payment, but we do offer a week pass if you want to jump in.

Q. Do I need to reserve a spot (after I’ve enrolled) for each class or can I just show up?

A. No, we work out in the great outdoors with more space than we can possibly use, so bring your weights and enjoy the fresh air!

Q. Is there a “drop in” rate?

A. We do allow you to try a class, but you’ll need to follow the instructions for that on the sign-up page.

Q. What should I wear and bring?

A. Pay attention to the weather. If it’s summer and warm, wear light clothing that wicks moisture and is comfortable. If it’s cool, wear a light jacket you can easily remove and light clothes underneath. If it’s very cold, wear sweatpants or leggings, dress in layers and of course, bring gloves and a hat. With all of this, wear good shoes that are in good shape; your comfort will always depend on them.


Water: Bring enough to satisfy your need to help you remain comfortable but you should be hydrating throughout the day. On hot and humid days bring a bit more to drink after you’re done.

Weights: Start light and small. No need to rush into it. In fact, for your first few weeks, your instructor will probably tell you not use them for some exercises and to focus on your form and balance.

Mat: Use a yoga or a camping mat – something that is waterproof and has some thickness to it so it can put up with the punishment you’ll be dolling out to it.

Q. Should I eat before class?

A. Yes. Twenty to 30 minutes before you work out, a glass of O.J., an energy bar, raisins, banana, etc., will give you the needed boost to get you started. After a workout, your body really needs carbs. Your body will assimilate more carbs within the first 20 minutes after a workout and assist your muscles in recovering. Same type of food as before the workout. These are the times where simple carbs can do you the most good.

Q. If class is ever cancelled, how will I be notified? Will I receive a “make-up” class?

A. It does get too cold, we will go inside the American Legion Hall and do our workout indoors. Take your time getting to class. If there is snow and ice, we follow Fairfax Country schools. If they are closed, we will not hold class.

Q. Is class held regardless of weather?

A. Pretty much nothing will cancel the class but snow and ice, see the answer above.