Our Program


The goal is to help you overcome today’s instant gratification mentality by improving your mental and physical toughness. Regain the power and endurance you have lost, (and lose some things you have gained).

Who We Are: Colonel’s Fitness is owned and operated by Lead Instructor Col. Brian Sulc (USMCR) who has been at the military fitness business since 1984. He is a certified personal trainer with a national certification with the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (as well as former member of its Board). In 2 words, he’s the real deal.

Who Our Clients Are:  Anyone with a desire to get stronger, fitter and leaner. From prenatal moms to athletes, from seniors to teenagers…we tailor our routine to the individual. You will work out in a group and motivate each other. Our goal is to show you clear progress toward your personal goals.

What You Will Do: CFP is a highly intense program targeting all the muscle groups. We build strength, endurance and flexibility. It requires little or no equipment and burns a ton of calories. You will work upper and lower body, with core strength and balance workouts to keep you injury-free.

Where We Are: We are outside. In addition to free weights you bring with you, we use the terrain—benches, curbs, hills—anything at our disposal in a program inspired by the U.S. Marine Corps.

How do I sign-up?: It’s simple. Just click here and show up for class. We’ll do the rest.

What we cost:  For a small price we’ll get you motivated, click here for pricing and to sign up.  You’ll get 4 workouts per week in a hands-on environment. You won’t get lost in a gym.

When we meet:  Classes start at 6:00 am and lasts for 45 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, warm-up and cool down on your own. We are located at the The American Legion in Falls Church, 400 N Oak St, Falls Church, VA 22046 click here for directions.