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“I have had the honor to work with this man and his programs for many years. He stays current in the sea of change of fitness and he does so as a passionate Marine, father, civil servant, and coach. You could not ask for a more caring solid role model. I love this man and everything he stands for.”


Patrick Avon, Owner of Sarge Athletics, fitness instructor since 1990

“I have been working out with Brian since 2010, shortly after the birth of my son. His workouts can be challenging, both mentally and physically, but I have never left a workout with regrets, but I always leave workouts with a smile.  I have lost 80 pounds! I would not want to work out with anyone else.”


June Prakash, client since 2010

“I have been a participant in a Colonel Sulc program on and off for the last 20 years. While the emphasis on some  things has changed over the years, the fundamentals are the same. This all takes place outside in the morning air which allows you to get a good start to the day. I cannot recommend the program highly enough.”


Gerry McGowan, Ambassador to Portugal, client since 1996

“I’ve not been coming to these workouts long, but they’re fantastic. Brian knows how to set up a regimen that will push people at different ability levels. He’s got a loyal following of folks that reflect a variety of different needs and near as I can tell he meets us all where we are.”


Karen Hoofnagle, Client


“Brian does not disappoint. His
no-nonsense approach to life and
personal accountability is the cornerstone of his workouts. He embodies fitness and clean living and makes others want to as well. If you are looking to challenge yourself and improve your health and fitness, Brian is your man!”


Michael “Big Mike” O’Neill, client since 1999

“Before I started working out with Brian, I was a runner. He instilled discipline in me, my workouts, and my life. He pushed me to try things I thought I couldn’t do, but I could. Run up a hill carrying somebody on my back? No problem! If I hadn’t moved away from the area, I would still be getting sweaty with Brian every morning!”


Pam Parker, Client since 1998

“Brian’s workouts are the most comprehensive and rigorous ever!  He pushes you to new limits of  performance, and put me in the best shape of my life.”

Tobin Alexander, client since 2008





“I have been going to Brian’s classes for over 5 years.  Attending Brian’s classes has put me in the best shape of my adult life.  His workouts have made me stronger, look and feel better than I have in over 20 yrs. ”


Amy Lewin, client since 2010




“This program put me in the best shape! I joined it to diversify my routine. As a runner, I had good endurance and was afraid the program wouldn’t be intense enough. My concerns disappeared immediately. The class is amazing! You feel energized! Brian is an incredible instructor who pushes your limits: the team takes your motivation to the next level.”

Eugenia, client since 2005

  • Patrick Avon
  • June Prakash
  • Gerry McGowan
  • Karen Hoofnagle
  • Michael “Big Mike” O’Neill
  • Pam Parker
  • Tobin Alexander
  • Amy Lewin
  • Eugenia